Corporate clients – Meridian provides risk assessment and vulnerability evaluations for any sized company. Meridian’s consultants work closely with human resources or executive leadership to understand the company’s security needs for the purpose of mitigating risk, improving emergency preparedness, and develop programs to address work place violence. These plans can often include personal assessment and security planning for key personnel.

Schools and health installations – In addition to the services used by private companies, Meridian provides consulting services for schools and health installations that need to develop a plan for access control, emergency response and lock down protocols. Meridian works closely with staff security to develop Crisis Response Teams, active shooter training events, and training qualification protocols.

Religious facilities – Houses of worship have particular security issues that are not common to corporate environments or other installations. Meridian provides custom consulting services for churches by assisting resident security teams to evolve their current security plan, access controls for classrooms with children, and develop skills training for the team. Meridian’s training also focuses on de-escalation techniques and un-armed response methods, with sensitivity to the ministerial needs of the congregation.