Meridian offers a wide variety of tactical training solutions for individuals, private groups, security teams and members of law enforcement. Whether you’re a novice and just wanting to learn the basics of tactical shooting to advanced classes for security professionals, Meridian can customize a training experience that meets your needs.

Training classes offered by Meridian include:

  • Defensive Skill Drills (DSD)
  • Steel Action Challenge (SAC)
  • Practical Defensive Pistol
  • Tactical Pistol
  • Practical Defensive Carbine
  • Tactical Carbine
  • Low light/no light tactical Handgun Training
  • Tactical Shotgun Training
  • TacMed Tactical Medical Training

Meridian Tactical also hosts top tier training here in Colorado with other academies and instructors. Each year, we work to bring outstanding experts from across the country to provide variety to your training evolution and to remain on the cutting edge of ‘Best-Practices’ in the industry.

  • Gunsite 123 Carbine Class (3-day)
  • Gunsite 250 Pistol Class (5-day)
  • Rob Leatham – Intermediate Pistol Skills and Drills Course
  • Col. Randy Watt – Warrior Creed Training

Please visit our Store to see a full listing of all scheduled training dates.