If you serve on a security team in an armed or unarmed capacity, Meridian can provide you or your entire team with a variety of tactical and medical training solutions. From de-escalation techniques to tactical entries, Meridian can provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to handle the most common situations that security teams often encounter.

Security team training includes:

  • Knowing what to look for and levels of response
  • Verbal judo and de-escalation techniques
  • Managing crowds and layers of protection
  • Restraints and non-lethal response
  • Requirements for deadly force
  • Tactical shooting and use of deadly force
  • Tactical trauma training
  • Dealing with the aftermath of an event

When it comes to private security, Meridian’s goal is to professionalize a field that is often perceived as ill-trained and ill-equipped. If you’re the leader of a paid or volunteer security team, it’s imperative that you invest in your team’s training so that they can appropriately respond to any situation.

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