Knowledge defeats fear. Preparation defeats failure. Discipline defeats panic.

People often believe that they’ll “rise to the occasion” when faced with a life or death event. History shows us that individuals will fall back to the level of training they can consistently perform. If the training has become subconscious and ingrained in their behavior, the outcome will most likely be favorable. If the training has been inadequate or absent, the outcome will be predictably catastrophic. Survival depends on one’s ability to: call upon the knowledge gained, implement the preparation made, and execute the actions required with discipline when things seem out of control.

Meridian’s consultants are here to help provide you with solid information, proven training techniques, and sound methodologies to help you stay level-headed and focused when it matters most. Whether you’re learning basic gun handling and shooting skills, taking a concealed carry class, or you’re part of a security team/law enforcement, Meridian takes your training experience very seriously. All of our classes are integrated like building blocks. Working together, so that your experience can serve as a foundation towards the next evolution of your training.

MINDSET – mental inertia

A fixed mental attitude – that predetermines a person’s responses to a given situation.

A.S.K. – Attitude – Skills – Knowledge

First we seek the Knowledge about the problem we have before us.

With the knowledge, we train the Skills required to reliably “problem solve”.

Attitude comes with confidence in the skills and knowledge of when to use them.

By failing to prepare…you are preparing to fail.  Ben Franklin