Michael Lang: Michael is the founder and principal instructor of Meridian Tactical. He is currently a sworn LE officer with the State of Colorado and a POST full-skills instructor. Michael has over 30 years of experience as a licensed security sub-contractor, and executive protection specialist. His experience includes high profile celebrities, elected officials, private companies and prominent families. Michael is an active member in the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association, International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals and the Rocky Mountain Hostage Negotiators Association.

Throughout his career, Michael has been engaged in extensive firearms training from some of the finest facilities, including: Gunsite Academy, Khyber Tactical, Rocky Mountain Tactical Response, Massad Ayoob, Rob Leatham, Front sight and Cereno Training Group. Also advanced tactical training in: conflict intervention techniques, critical event de-escalation tactics, arrest techniques, PPCT and personal defense. First responder training from the Dept. of Homeland Security including: Event Security, School Crisis management, Terrorism, WMD’s, First Responder Communications, and Law Enforcement active school response.

With his real world experience, skills and training; Michael has been an expert firearms instructor and RSO for more than 20 years. Currently holding instructor ratings in: Self-defense, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Concealed Carry firearms, Reloading, Home defense, less lethal weapons, First Responder Medic and “Refuse to Be a Victim”. Michael has been asked to be a guest speaker at public forums, on radio as well as documentary films on the subjects of personal defense and firearms.

Michael specializes in tactical training for security teams, protection professionals and self-defense minded civilians. He also works as a consultant for clubs, ranges and facilities creating training programs and events. Michael has designed and taught advanced classes in: handguns, long range shooting, carbine-rifles, combat shotgun, and tactical trauma including low and no-light training.

Email: michael@meridiantac.com

Craig Cable: Craig served in the United States Air Force in critical combat support roles for a variety of military operations to include Operation Just Cause, Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Craig continues to serve as a reserve deputy in his local county.

Craig is a competitive shooter who holds military marksmanship awards for both rifle and pistol. He’s a certified marksmanship instructor through the Civilian Marksmanship Program and an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.

Craig’s security experience includes private armed security and event security for a variety of celebrities, musical guests and high profile individuals. He currently serves on an armed contact team and leads the tactical training for a security detail at a mega church in Northern Colorado. He’s certified in crisis prevention and intervention, verbal de-escalation and pediatric/adult first aid and CPR. He is also a member of the NOCO Christian Security Roundtable, which is a consortium of security professionals from churches and faith-based organizations along Colorado’s front range.

In addition to Craig’s military, firearms, and security experience, he’s a professional trainer and expert on managing volunteer teams. He’s been a guest speaker at national and international conferences as well as a columnist for a variety of nationally circulated publications.

Email: craig@meridiantac.com

Andrew Brattain: Andrew has been involved in firearms since childhood, but it was the responsibilities of becoming a husband and then a father that really focused his training toward self-defense. The ability to protect and defend his family led him to seek the kind of training that sparked a passion for combative training.

After some initial basic pistol training, Andrew felt he was left with more questions than answer…and began to seek a higher level of skill. He found some success in competitive matches, but discovered his real interest in pistol training involved teaching others. An NRA certified Instructor since 2014, Andrew’s never ending drive to learn has led him to seek training from recognized experts like: Dave Spaulding, John Farnam, Travis Haley, Richard Nance, Jeff Gonzales and Rob Leatham.

“Mindset and combative pistolcraft are key for those considering a firearm in the face of danger”  Andrew is serious about conveying those skills others. Andrew’s exceptional firearm skills and his considerate demeanor as an instructor make him one of the favorite instructors for many in the Meridian Tactical team.

Email: info@meridiantac.com

Patti Lang:  Patti began shooting at a very early age. Her father was an avid hunter and an accomplished rifleman in the military. Pistols, rifles and shotguns…she has developed the skill to feel comfortable in all three platform. She has enjoyed success shooting competition in both shotgun sports and pistols.

Patti is a certified NRA Range Safety Officer, and you will frequently find her holding the safety briefing at Meridian Events. She is a graduate of the Front Sight Academy for handgun training. She possesses a  passion for coaching and has provided professional instruction for high school and adult athletes in other sports.

Patti is directly involved with the business management of Meridian Tactical as well as schedule and logistics for many of the civilian training event. She has also been the “Badger” whisper for over 35 years

Email: info@meridiantac.com

Mike Massey: Mike is a Gunsite Graduate.

An NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.

Mike is often part of the logistics and operations of the Meridian classes.

Email: info@meridiantac.com

Jeff Miller: Jeff is a Gunsite Graduate.

An NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.

Jeff is often part of the logistics and operations of the Meridian classes.

Email: info@meridiantac.com