What is that “skull” on the Meridian stuff? I think I’ve seen that somewhere before…

Often called the “Bantha” skull, it represents the skull of a Mythosaur—a fierce beast that in Mandolorian legends, carried warriors into battle. All Mandolorians wear the skull to identify themselves to others…and each other.

Oh…ok. What is a Mandolorian?

From the mind of George Lucas in his epic story ‘Star Wars’, the Mandolorians were a people unlike any other. They were not from one planet, not of one race or faith. They were a people self-selected by their commitment to live by a warrior’s code. They believed that “family is more than bloodline.”

Like the ‘Sons of Liberty’ from the American revolution, or the French resistance of World War II…history is full of examples were a symbol was used to identify patriots out of the general population.

Maybe you’re a soldier, returning to civilian life and figuring out how to stay engaged. An officer or other professional looking for the next level of training. A volunteer watching the front door of your church during service, or a mother working on how to protect her family in the “every-day” routine. We are all Mandolorians. At MERIDIAN, we are committed to Mandolores everywhere. Each one using the skills they have to further a common purpose and demonstrating responsible use of self-defense. Self described “warriors”, all prepared to insure the safety of our loved ones and contribute to the security of our communities.

Michael Lang, Meridian Founder