The ability to protect yourself and your family is an inalienable right that the 2nd Amendment affords all Americans. Meridian takes that right seriously and is committed to providing men and women with an advanced level of training that goes well beyond the basic standards of concealed carry requirements.

Meridian’s concealed carry certification classes are a combination of 6 hours of classroom time that culminates into 2 hours of live fire range time with the firearm you intend to carry.

The concealed carry certification class that you’ll be taking will address:

  • Firearms safety and the responsibilities that come with gun ownership
  • Different types of handguns and how they function
  • Shooting stances and the safe clearing of a firearm that has malfunctioned
  • Colorado’s concealed carry laws and the laws applying to justifiable deadly force
  • Dealing with the moral, emotional and legal aftermath of a justifiable deadly force encounter

Meridian puts a high value on giving you the experience necessary to competently and confidently carry a firearm. If you have already received your concealed carry certification but are unsure or are uneasy about carrying a firearm, this course could serve as a great refresher.

Meridian also offers personalized concealed carry classes for companies or families looking for a tailored training experience.

Please visit our Store to see a full listing of all scheduled training dates.