In navigation, a MERIDIAN is a known…a constant, a trusted and reliable baseline. Others can rely on it to calibrate their actions and trust it will provide precision to the outcome.

In astronomy, a MERIDIAN describes a point of highest development. The peak of something…the most direct path to the Zenith.

In Eastern medicine, the MERIDIAN references the pathway that all energy in the body is said to flow through. The Meridian is the core…the center. It defines balance and symmetry in the body and life.

It was these ideals that caused me to choose the name Meridian. As consultants and instructors, we strive to be that constant. Each of us here at Meridian remains committed to that “path”. Seeking skills and knowledge to feed the core, not just in shooting…but in the mindset of personal defense. It is defined simply in our motto:

Knowledge defeats fear

Preparation defeats failure

Discipline defeats panic

Michael Lang, Meridian Founder